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TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh

Are you planning to go abroad to study or for any other purpose? If yes, then you need to clear a test that proves your proficiency in the english language. TOEFL is one such test that is mandatory to clear before getting admission in any university.

A lot of foreign universities have this requirement that your TOEFL should be cleared with a minimum score. If you want to join a TOEFL coaching in Chandigarh, then ESCC is the best option for you. We have expert guides and professors who can teach you and guide you on to how you should go on and prepare for this test. TOEFL is not such a difficult test to crack because we make it so easy and comprehensible to you that you don’t have to worry a lot about its preparation. So, do visit ESCC if you are searching for a TOEFL coaching in Chandigarh.

We make sure that you get proper and personalized attention so that all your queries are cleared and you are not left without any doubts in your head. Our team of professionals works very hard so that the students can benefit out of what they are taught. We have properly designed modules all set to give you the right kind of training. Since this test includes reading, speaking, writing and other skills as well, we can guide you through all that has been marked in the exam pattern. So, you don’t have to worry in any case. We are there to support in all sorts of problems. You just need to enroll with us. All the details will be taught to you and made sure that you practice it very efficiently so as to score better in your exam. So, if you want to join any TOEFL coaching in Chandigarh then you should come to ESCC.


Test of English as a Foreign Language(TOEFL) is a test to measure the ability in the English language of an individual who is a non-native speaker of English. This test is accepted by a lot of foreign universities and the validity of this test is for two years. It consists of reading, listening, speaking and writing of the english language. The basic agenda of this test is to evaluate the English abilities of an individual.

Test pattern

TOEFL is actually a computer bases four-hour test. It consists of reading, listening, speaking and writing. It is basically a time-based test. You get twenty minutes for speaking and fifty minutes for writing a section. The reading and listening differ in length due to experimental readings. It varies from 60 to 80 minutes in duration. The listening part is 60 to 90 minutes long. In the middle, you are given a ten-minute break. It is between the listening and speaking sections. This break is necessary to take it. Let us take a brief review of what is there in the test:

  • First is the reading section which has a duration of 60-80 comprises 36-56 questions. You need to read three or four passages and then answer questions.
  • Second is the listening part which is for 60-90 minutes. The number of questions are34-51 minutes. Here you have to listen to four to six lectures, two to three conversations and answer the questions.
  • Then there is a mandatory break that you have to take.
  • Then there is a speaking section of twenty minutes which consists of six tasks.
  • The writing section is the last skill which lasts for about fifty minutes. It consists of two tasks. Here you need to compare a passage and a lecture and write about your opinion.

Each section is scored out of 30 points and then the total score is given out of 120. The result will be released after ten days of the test date. Most of the questions are multiple choice, inserting a sentence and reading to learn. You need to learn to manage your time. Choose your passages strategically. Skip the difficult questions and return later to them. The test of TOEFL is open to all the people. Any person from the 10+2 level from a recognized Indian Board or university is eligible to take the TOEFL test. This test is suitable for people studying at the high school level. The costs to take TOEFL is generally US$170. Late registration adds up to an extra of US$35. 90-100 is the best and perfect score for TOEFL.

Why Choose US for
TOEFL coachings in Chandigarh ?

ESCC- English speaking classes in Chandigarh is one of the best TOEFL coachings in Chandigarh. We have a wide range of facilities and we believe in providing qualitative services to our clients. We will guide you in the best ways that we can so that you can efficiently learn the english language and speak fluently. We render the following opportunities to our students and clients:

  • English speaking course in Chandigarh
  • Best personality development course in Chandigarh
  • General English speaking basic course in Chandigarh
  • English speaking basic course in Chandigarh
  • English speaking advanced course in Chandigarh
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Our following attributes help people to rely on us for better impartment of services:

  • Flexible timings
  • One to one coaching available
  • Certified professional teachers
  • Special English speaking courses
  • Online student portal access
  • Excellent infrastructures
  • Free sample papers and study material
  • Commitment to quality
  • 100% success rate
  • Customized training programs
  • Latest and updated curriculum
  • Performance assessment

We believe in rendering best services at very cost effective and pocket-friendly prices. At ESCC we do not believe in charging hefty amounts from our clients and then disappointing them. If you are keen on learning English and speaking it fluently in front of others then we are there to assist you always. You can contact us at any point of the day. You can also mail us and contact us through our live chat support.


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